1983 Yamaha Virago 750 Midnight Special Won't Start

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1983 Yamaha Virago 750 Midnight Special Won't Start

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So I bought this bike off of a guy not too long ago and it ran fine. It needed a new clutch (which he had) that I replaced, no problem. After replacing the clutch it started up and I ran fine, no problem.

The next day I went outside to go for a ride and went I turned the key, nothing. No lights or anything. Took off the seat and found that the fuse that goes to the ignition switch is blown. Easy fix. I went and bought fuses and replaced it. Now I have lights and whatnot, but when I push the start button I get nothing.

I hooked a multi-meter up in various places and found that the start solenoid wasn't putting any power out to the starter. Cool, that's a $20 part. I replaced the solenoid, same thing happened, nothing. I tried bypassing the solenoid and it's turning the starter but the engine won't turn over.

Even if it did turn over, I still have the problem of the start button not turning it over (which is one of the places that I put the multi-meter, and it's getting power). It's got a new battery, spark plugs, and fresh gas.

I'm pretty new to motorcycles so I don't know much, or anything for that matter, so any help would be much appreciated. Not looking to do any shotgun maintenance and hope I get it right.