Installing crankshaft xv1100

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Installing crankshaft xv1100

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Ok... after almost 10 months after my son spun the crank bearings on my
1990 Virago 1100, I am finally ready to put it all back together. The
crankcase is split and clean. I have a good crankshaft with good piston
rods and new bearings. I did the plastigauge testing and everything
measures good. Here's my problem....

The crankshaft has the main bearing pressed onto its left side. How can I
install the crankshaft into the left half of the crankcase with the bearing
still on the shaft? The manuals seem to be telling me that I have to
install the main bearing into the crankcase first and then install the
crankshaft into the bearing. But I cant figure out how to pull the bearing
off of the crankshaft...

Any experienced crankshafters out there with advice?