XV535 Reg/Rec problem, need a help

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XV535 Reg/Rec problem, need a help


I have a problem on my xv535 '97

When I bought it I checked charging system, and it was faulty - 12.6V on engine running (in all range of rpm).

I have checked reg/rec, and it had only 2x time resistance (kOhms) difference between + and white wires.
Manual says that must be no less than 10x times difference.

So I changed it to new one (seems like made in china stuff from e-bay).
When I connected it, I saw that it came hot on idle, but a lot of guys saying that it goes very hot. I get drive for 2 days, for 1 hour in day, with mid time stops. In 3rd day I was driving about 2 hours with short stops, and reg/rec blow... Epoxy on it get cracked, and melted. Main fuse blown too.

So I decided to make new one reg/rec from http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-reliable-motorcycle-voltage-regulato/step1/Finish-Install/

Done it, and everything was working OK. Charging system - OK. Reg/rec was warm, not hot. Done 2 new ground points (battery -> frame and engine -> frame), cleaned other ground points.

So I was driving quite a lot for 2 weeks, without any problem.

And today I was driving about 1.5hrs with short stops, and near home my xv535 just cut off.
Engine stop, lights out...I understand that main fuse blown. So instantly I checked reg rec, and it was warm as usual. But when I tested it with multimeter, one of bridge get short between + and -. So it just blown.

So now I'm thinking, what is happening..
Stator - 0.5 Ohms
Battery - Gel type

How 1000V 35Amp bridge got blown?
Maybe Gel type battery is not good for this system? (Gel type battery was installed when I bought it)

Any ideas what a hell is wrong?